Bifacial solar panels Does it Good ?

bifacial solar panels

What is bifacial solar panels ? Basically bifacial solar panels works are to maximize solar panels cells to absorbs sunlight from any directions! because in that way it can increase solar cells effectivity to maximum! and with bifacial you don’t need to put solar panels cell into sunlight directions! since they already design to handle absorb from any direction!

Bifacial solar panels are good to use for people that have not many sunlight, or for some people that live place that location are not to often getting sunlight such as Alaska or maybe north pole! the point is, bifacial solar panels can do their jobs very well!

If you planning to buy bifacial solar panels, you can buy almost anywhere, ebay, amazon or what ever place! but of course the price would more expensive than regular solar cells! but do keep in mind, what make solar panels so effective sometime its not because the high prices, but sometimes its because of the situation! for example! if you live in Australia, actually you don’t need bifacial, you just need regular! but if you live in north pole! for sure, you will need this one! cause if not, you have to move solar panels to specific direction to get proper sunlight!