Can you install solar panels yourself

can you install solar panels yourself

can you install solar panels yourself ? well, that would be hard! but of course, if you learn 1 or 2 things, actually you can install solar panels easily by yourself! if the hardest part to install solar panels basically the real culprit are in the knowledge about electricity! and secondly on solar panels cells installation! because some of them will needing big size and its hard to do it by yourself! at least you’ll need handy many help to install on your roof top!

but here’ my suggestion if you really want to do it by your sellf! try to learn step by step doing solar panels installation in here (How to Install solar panels to Power your house appliance) in that page I already include some video for small installation, and also for roof top installation! if you already figure it out about the basic concept about solar panels system, then I am sure, you will figure it out what the real culprit and why you need handy man to do this! but of course, if you handy many, then I am sure you’ll have no problems installing solar panels!


the second problems is the cost! but what make solar panels cost are so expensive simply because of battery! if you can solve this problems, actually you can save a lot of cost! but recently I already give solution how to cut battery cost! try to read here! (What make solar panels so expensive ?)


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