what is the average cost of installing solar panels

installation cost


Want to know the average cost solar panels installation ?  well, most of company will charge about $7-$9 per watt! so if your house consume electricity about 5 kilo watt per hour! you will spend about $7×5000=35.000 USD! yep, it’s very expensive! at least for most average people,  installation cost, equal with 1 year salary!

if you have big budget, and want to try green living lifestyle! solar panels system are the best option! at least in five years you will benefit from solar panels system, and not to pay to electricity bills!

is there any way to get more cheap installation cost ? well, you can get cheap cost, if you do DIY solar panels installation! you can learn how to install solar panels at your home, by reading some ebook, or watch video youtube! most people already talk about the easy way to understand solar panels system, and how to install in very short time, without have to spend thousand dollar for labor cost!

though learning solar panels system same like learn other things! you will need to make practice, and buy the solar panels kits and DIY, at your own home! at first try, you can make a little mistake! but after times! you will have solid knowledge about how to install solar panels!


if you already good with solar installation, you can make money! by work in in solar panels industry!  and most of company will pay you decent money! the average solar installer salary and bonus per year are about 48.000 usd  or $15 per hour! I think its not bad salary! the basic and the most important about solar panels installation is you must know about electricity! because that knowledge can play big part, how you understand the system works!  but as usual, practice make perfect! it mean if you already doing installation jobs often and help your neighbor, I am sure you can install solar panels easily! in short, easy jobs with good payment! 😀