Solar panel installer salary and How to Increase your Income

solar panels installer salary


Most of solar panels installer salary are about  $13-$18 per hour  or 26k to 48 thousand dollar per year! or $2000-$4000 USD per month! this jobs payment are quite decent, since most installer need have to skill about electricity and not many people have it, so its not surprising if the payment are quite high!

but good news is, actually you can increase your income, if you have electricity skills! because at this moment many people curious and want to install solar panels system in their homes! so actually its your chance to make more money with these skill! especially if you really good about it!

if you can see market trend many people in US, actually want to try this green living life style! especially if they can save electricity bills! so basically they don’t mind about the idea spending thousands of dollar to get free electricity with solar panels system! so if you want to make more money! you have to give good offer about installing solar panels system! and since you already good about the installation, so all you have to do is promote your skill, and tell them you have time to spare to install solar panels in their home!


Give them good offer, decent price, and etc! promote your skill at Craigslist, free classified ads, Google apps about handy man and so on! wait a couples month! then see the result! 😀 believe it or not, definitely you’ll make more money in your spare times! there are many reason why you can make so much money with these skills! first, they want to save money! secondly they curious about green living lifestyle! and the last is, they need someone to teach them about how solar panels system works! offer them consultation or what so ever! if you can promote and give them good recommendation, especially if you have good portfolio! then I am sure they would spend some money to you!


but keep this in mind! why they interested with solar panels system, is simply because everyone said, it save more money! so basically they want this system, if you give them good offer and how to save a lot of money! every months they will spend money for electricity! so,  if you give them some insight that they can save more money in future! and in order to make it happen, they should invest with solar panels system, but of course, you need to give them good reasonable price! if you can convince them! in couples of days! you can make thousands of dollar! 😀 lets said your jobs as freelance, on the weekend! 😀

Here another tips to get more costumers! most of the time if your costumers satisfy with your services, they will give good recommendation to other peoples! so all you have to do is, give them bonus or what so ever, if you they can give you another costumers! so its easy money from them, and also easy costumer for you! yep! just like affiliation programs! make a team with another co workers in your workplace! if you can build a lot of teams! all you have to do is, give them project to another teams, then all you have to do is, is just sit down, and relax! and see money roll in!  😀  $$$