What make solar panels so expensive ?

solar panels cell


If you curious what make solar panels system becomes so expensive! here’s the reason why ! first of all, if we talk about solar panels system! there 4 parts to build good solar panels system! solar cells, charger controller, Inverter, and battery! most of this 3 parts, solar cells, inverter and charger controller have price about $100-$500 for each part! but if we talk about battery! the price would be different story! especially for battery that have big capacity such as, 1kw or 5 kilo wat!


Most of solar panels company would sell battery with high prices, such as $5000, to $25.000 so imagine if you have to spend $5000 just for battery! it mean to build the whole system, at least you will spend about $6000! but if you can find alternative solution and decrease for battery cost! then your solar panels system would less expensive! so the question is, is it possible to decrease battery price! and how to get cheap battery! is there anyway for this solution ? well, the answer actually are pretty simple! that is, if you have knowledge about battery reconditioning, and buy second use battery! for sure, you can get better price for battery and reduce battery cost!

So automatically, your panels system cost would be less expensive! 🙂 so the question is how we do that! well, for sure you have to learn more about battery! because at this moment! there is no cheap battery for the new one! most of company will give you price above $5000 average! for 5kw battery capacity, the price would be very high!


Here’s my suggestion! try to learn about how to reconditioning second use battery! and try to learn how to reconditioning old battery and how to make it like new one! if you have these kind of knowledge! then I am sure you can cut battery cost! because I am sure you can find second use battery in flea markets or same place! or even in the junkyard or what soever! buy them with dirt price! then fix that old, and reconditioning the battery! and that’s it! you can change expensive solar panels system, into cheap and affordable solar panels system!

and also to save more money try to learn  DIY solar panels installation! because labor cost are about 10% from total cost!