lowest cost per watt solar panels comparison

lowest cost per watt solar panels

The lowest cost per watt solar panels in 2017 are in California, price per watt are about $1,82! Brand Name Solarworld , Fronius USA, LLC. try to call them and ask the real price! the second place are  Massachusetts, $2.01!  Brand name LG, Solar Bridge! the 3rd place are in Arizona! Brand Name Central America.Inc Enphase Energy! the 4th and  10th places, you can see the image above!(if too small try to right click and view image)

As we already predicted, you can get lowest price not in all US state! and also not big company can give cheapest price! except LG though! but most of the company that can give lowest price are not to famous company! and also the size are not same! same only 5kw, but some company can give more than 5kw to 10kw system!  so basically you have to dig in their company information and make a call to them, and ask them does the price still, or already change! and also if you have large size, ask if them! if you can get better price! the only obstacle is if you in different states! does the price still cheap, or every state have different price! but my prediction is, if they branch, in your state! I am sure they can give same price for different states! what only matter is their company! which company and what branch! most of the time,  new company will make some promotion, or even give better price to compete with big boys!  so your jobs to get lowest is to find the company name or brand! and that’s it! you can save electricty bills for years to come! 😀