How To Install Solar Panels Easily in Just 5 minutes!

solar panels cell

Installing solar panels system, basically its not that hard! but of course, if you don’t have any experiences at all, at first you could deal with a little confusion and doubt! especially if you don’t have any basic knowledge about how electricity works! but if of course, for handy man! that already dealing with electricity Assembly you will not have any problems how to build solar panels system!

But don’t worry guys, today! I will give you 2 option, how to install solar panels easily with in 5 minutes! and of course with some video tutorial, so you can understand how to install solar panels cell perfectly! that two option installation are! the old school way, or you can try new solar panels product! i.e plug and play! the idea of plug and play solar panels, basically you just need two part of solar panels system, Portable battery and solar panels cell! all you have to do is plug in the cable from solar panels cell to power station that design specifically for solar panel system, and that’s it! in just 5 minutes, you can enjoy free electricity from solar panels system! 🙂

meanwhile for old school way, you’ll need 4 part! solar panels cell, charger controller, inverter, Battery! solar panels cell basically have function to convert sunlight into electricity! for controller charger, are to control and hold how many electricity into battery! and for the inverter are to help solar panels system electricity to power your appliance! meanwhile for battery are to keep and deposit electricity from solar panels cells!


For detail installation, you can watch this youtube video, how to install solar panels system in easily,  step by step!


if you interest to use new solar panels product! and want to try plug and play solar panels system! you can find at amazon! because In there you can find almost any product! from full plug and play, and semi auto plug and play! for semi plug and play, you’ll need 3 part! solar panels cells, and charger controller! because there is battery from china, or you can find power station! if you use that product you will not longer need inverter! because its already inside the product! but still you’ll need charger controller! but for plug and play! its already build to make you easily use solar panels system! you just need solar panels cell and that battery!

Before you buy  plug and play product! I recommended to ask first to the seller! and ask explanation, or you can read ask and answer in their sales page! most of the time, all buyer will have question! but if you have specific question, you can post some question in there, and let other buyer or seller answering your question!

In the next articles I will give some rough estimation about solar panels cost! and how many solar panels that you need to power your house!